Board 2019

IFOAM EU’s Board acts as a first chamber, directs our affairs and develops detailed budgets and work programmes in accordance with the IFOAM EU Vision and internal strategy together with our General Assembly and Council.

Our members elect the IFOAM EU Board at the biennial General Assembly. They elect nine Board members according to sector-related and regional criteria for two years. Once the Board is elected, its members vote for a President, a Treasurer, a Vice-President for Regulation and a Vice-President for Policy during the first Board meeting.

Council 2019

In the IFOAM EU Council you find your national representative. IFOAM EU’s Council consists of a Council Member elected by national assemblies, and maximum two Deputy Council Members, from each EU country. The Council acts as a second chamber to the IFOAM EU Board and transmits national interests and specificities to the European level.

Following the General Assembly, the Council elects a Chair, a Vice-Chair and deputies among its members for a term of two years.

In 2019, the IFOAM EU Council Chairs were:

  • Chair: Évelyne Alcázar Marín (Spain)
  • Vice-Chair: Dorota Metera (Poland)

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